Sport equipment Rhythmic gymnastics Half Shoes PASTORELLI Half shoes

PASTORELLI MICROTECH suede half shoes for rhythmic gymnastics

PASTORELLI MICROTECH suede half shoes for rhythmic gymnastics
Material:  polyester
Size:  M
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Brand: PASTORELLI, made in Italy
Color: biege

Microtech half shoes with terry cloth inside offer softness and resistance in a single product.
Microtech is a transpiring fabric, very resistant and soft. 3 very precious features in a Rhythmic Gymnastics half shoe.
The highest performance of the shoe is reached after 4-5 training sessions, time needed to let the microtech soften and adhere to the foot.
The shoe grips perfectly the floor at arrivals. Expected average life: 4-8 months, for 15 hours of training sessions a week in a training court suitable for Rhythmic gymnastics

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