Main Article Why we should use elastic waist belts ad posture correctors?

Why we should use elastic waist belts ad posture correctors?

Why we should use elastic waist belts ad posture correctors?

How can one get rid of tiredness and discomfort in the lower back and relieve the tension of the back muscles?
How can one retain a correct and attractive posture?
How can the rehabilitation process after operations in the back or neck area be considerably reduced?

Posture is a part of our image. Retaining a good body posture in the conditions of a modern way of life is not that simple.
If you often feel tiredness and discomfort in the lower back, work in a standing or sitting position for long periods, if you have to stay in wet and cool premises, in a draught, do not hesitate if your back starts aching seriously. TONUS ELAST elastic waist belts will help you to cope with such problems easily. The belt will warm your back, prevent catching a cold in winter season, protect you from draughts and assist you during a rehabilitation period after spinal column traumas or during a postoperative period. Being tightly fitted to your waist, the belt will secure the restraining, compressing and warming impact in combination with the micro massage effect.
If your profession is related to continuous work in an inconvenient pose for the spinal column, the load on it can be mitigated with the help of an elastic body posture corrector. The curative effect of the TONUS ELAST corrector is provided by the "effect of memorising" the correct position of the spinal column. When wearing the TONUS ELAST corrector for the first few days, a feeling of discomfort appears - it is normal and natural, as correction of the wrong routine of the spinal column muscles is going on. It is also important, that wearing the corrector "does not switch off" the work of your own muscles and does not disturb the normal rhythm of your heart. In two-three months of regularly wearing the product, a stereotype of the correct body posture is worked out. For the elderly, the corrector will help in supporting the physically correct position of the spinal column and will relieve the tension of the back muscles.
If you need help in supporting your head in a set position after various injuries and traumas, in reducing the rehabilitation terms after an operation in the neck or head area, the TONUS ELAST neck restraints will provide reliable restraint and support. Application of restraints in everyday life will relieve the neck muscles from excess strain, will relieve pain and tiredness from the spinal column neck zone and will allow feeling a burst of energy and good mood.

Wearing TONUS ELAST products, you will forget about pains in the back and will help your spinal column! Return the correct body posture, the light step, confidence and beauty - this will add an additional touch to your charm!



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