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How To Order

First of all select the section you are interested in at the menu on the left side.The list of products categories belonging to this section will be opened. Next, go to the category you need. The page of the items belonging to that category will be opened. Clicking on any item at the page (click the photo or click the word "more"), will lead you to the selected item. At the product page you will find all necessary information about it. At the same page you can select the appropriate configuration such as color, size, quantity. By pressing "Add to Cart" you can add the selected product to your order. Continue browsing the site and adding more products to your cart. Once you have decided regarding your order, go to the "Shopping Cart" where you can view the list of ordered items, make checkout and payment.

Shopping cart - on this page you can view the list of selected products and edit it.

On your "Shopping Cart" page you will find the "Checkout" button under the list of selected products. Clicking on the "Checkout" button will open a form. Fill in the recipient details in the form, IMPORTANT: the information in the form must be complete and accurate, otherwise the shipment might fail to get to the recipient 
If you are a registered user, the form will be filled in automatically. Verify that the delivery details in the form are up-to-date. You can modify the delivery address, if needed.
Choose shipping method. For explanations about available shipping methods click here.
• By Credit Card:
After you place your order, click on "Payment". Clicking this button  will open a secure page HTTPS:/ /, which guarantees the safety of financial operations. On that page you will see your order number, a list of selected goods and recipient details. Below you can choose payment method: choose credit card and click "Pay the order".  Wait for a message on the screen, informing that the payment operation was finished successfully. In this case you will also get notification to your mailbox.
• By PayPal:
You can choose to pay your order via PayPal, which allows secure payment transaction. For PayPal payment instructions click here.

Shipping Methods and Costs
Depending on product(s) you purchase and delivery location, different shipping methods are available. Each shipping method has its own restrictions and charges that will be applied to your order.

At Checkout, you will be prompted to choose a shipping method for your order. (Please note, some items may offer only one shipping method.)
Your total shipping charges will be automatically calculated during checkout prior to the completion of your order. Shipping costs are based on the total weight of the order. The total order weight is calculated automatically according to the selected items. 

Shipping by registered mail
Maximum parcel weight allowed: 2 kg.
Maximum cost: 10 Euro (parcel weight up to 2 kg).Delivery time: within 2-3 weeks.
No possibility to track your order. 

Shipping by EMS
Maximum parcel weight allowed: 20 kg.
Minimum shipping cost: 28 Euro (parcel weight up to 500 grams). 
Maximum cost: 100 Euro (parcel weight up to 20 kg). Delivery time: within 3-4 full business days excluding the shipping day and the national holidays within Israel and the destination country. 

* If you cancel the order after it has been shipped, the money for delivery of the order will not be returned.

Range of goods
In each category there is a button "Help with a choice. By clicking on it you will find qualified
explanations on how to choose a product suitable personally for you. In the same section you
will find instructions for use and maintanancenof various products. These tips will help you
keep the goods in good condition for a long time.
In addition, under each product appears a detailed description of its main characteristics and features.


Registration on the site
 For browsing registration is not required. However,
registration is recommended for more convenient browsing experience.
Sign up to receive e-mail updates on special promotions, sales alerts, new product
announcements, gift ideas and more! Registration offers you safe, easy and fast way to
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Request for price list
For each product its price appears below. If he price is not indicated, either the product is customized, or it's not in stock currently, but it is receipt date is known. In this case, instead
of "Add to Cart" use "Ask the price" button. You will be required to fill in price request form,
Fill it and click "Send" button, which will enable us to contact you by e-mail or phone for
furtherdetails.Pay attention to fill in all the requested details accurately, otherwise your
request might be ignored by the system, thus disabling us to make contact with you.

Rules to receive discounts and gifts:
*Discounts and gifts are not summarized
*Discount on the items is the highest priority
*If there is a special discount for an item or if the item supplied with a gift, the additional
discount for this item will not be given while calculating the total sum of your cart