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How to choose the right rope for Rhythmic Gymnastics?
A Rope should be selected by its hardness, length and thickness. Rope made of rubber with large handles is nonprofessional and not suitable for Rhythmic Gymnastics .
Professional rope for Rhythmic Gymnastics is made of Hemp, Nylon or Polyester.
Rope should be measured according on the height of the gymnast. Then the knots should be done and the remains should be cut. If the rope is made out of Nylon or Polyester it is necessary to burn the ends of after cutting them.
How to choose a rope by hardness?
There are ropes made of Nylon, Polyester and Hemp. Ropes made of hemp are suitable for taller gymnasts, as well as for those who like to work with soft ropes. The best quality rope is made out of nylon. It is heavier therefore "flies very well", retains its shape and trajectory when thrown by gymnast.
The thickness of the professional ropes (diameter of the rope when cut across) is usually 8 mm to 10 mm.
There are special models of rope for the Junior level – its length is 2.5 m.
This kind of rope is suitable for gymnasts up to 10 years old. Before cutting a Junior rope, tie knots at the ends of it and check if the knots are at shoulder length. If so, the rope is the right size. If not, cut the edges to a perfect fit.
The standard type of professional rope is 3 m. Therefore it should be cut according to the height of gymnast.
How to cut a professional rope for Rhythmic Gymnastics?
The gymnast should stand at the middle part of the rope with her feet together. Tie knots at the level of armpits. Once you have tied knots, rope should reach the armpits or slightly higher. Let the girl try to jump with the rope when the knots are tied before you cut it. If it is not convenient, tie knots at the level that suits the gymnast. After determining the length of the rope, burn the ends (only if the rope is made of nylon or polyester). If a rope is made of hemp, do not burn the ends, but sew them tightly.
How to care for a rope? Ropes made of nylon of the SASAKI brand can be washed by hand in a cold water, and have a long life.

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