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Elastic medical posture corrector with traversing panels, of increased comfort level

Elastic medical posture corrector with traversing panels, of increased comfort level
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Brand: TONUS ELAST, made in Latvia
Composition of raw materials: polyester – 60%, latex – 40%
Velcro fastener

Prevents and helps treat posture defects and signs of stoop. It is recommended for acquiring a physiologically correct posture.
Application: elastic chest fixation, pre- and post-surgical support of internal organs and pain relief.

Sizes table:

Size         c, см
1 S 68-77
2 M 78-87
3 L 88-97
4 XL 98-106

Medical elastic posture corrector is intended for preventive maintenance and elimination of infringements of a bearing and curvatures of a backbone.

Medical indications
At treatment of various diseases: the posture corrector is prescribed for development and fastening of skills of physiologically correct bearing, at various kinds of static deformation of a backbone. Curvature of a backbone, bearing defects, «a round back», stoop, winging shoulders.
At all kinds of functional infringements of a backbone, when deformation covers a significant part of a backbone. Initial stages of a bony osteoporosis.
Within pre- and post-surgical periods: for reduction of terms of rehabilitation after traumas and operations, restoration of physiological activity.
In the preventive purposes: for preventive maintenance of infringements of a bearing and a curvature of a backbone at children and teenagers. It is recommended to people than 40 years are more senior with the purpose of maintenance of a backbone and preservation of a bearing.

Technique of application:
The posture corrector put on underwear, for example on a vest or a T-shirt, under condition of dense adjoining to a body. To carry a product in the beginning of treatment it is recommended within 2-3 hours per day, gradually increasing time of carrying about the whole day. A recommended base rate of application of medical elastic bearing support is from 2 till 4 months. With the medical purpose the posture corrector apply as base course of treatment not less than 6 months. Further it use shorter rates under supervision of the doctor. Dress the posture corrector, in position staying, having symmetric a back  part of a product on a back of the child (or the adult). After that fix a zone belt in front on a stomach with the Velcro closure, except for model ELAST 0107, which is put on shoulders as backpack. Further the stretching belts of posture corrector cover shoulders, having established mobile soft swabs at a level of armpit/an axillary pole. Straps hardly pull and clasp on a breast with the help of a fastener Velcro. Degree of belts tension gradually increase day by day before creation of normal physiologically correct bearing. For convenience of controlling behind a degree of a tension of belts it is possible to do marks on belts about tapes with a fastener Velcro, and to compare with these marks at each putting on of the posture corrector. Conveniently dressed the medical elastic posture corrector allocates shoulders back, straightens a thorax, straightens a backbone, does a bearing correct and beautiful. It helps to improve breath, provides normal development of internal organs, prevents weariness and a pain in a back. If muscles within day get tired a little, you on a correct way. The primary goal - to force to work physiologically correctly muscles of a back, an abdominal tension and a pelvis, «to accustom» a backbone to new, correct position. If the head keeps directly, shoulders are weakened and developed, a stomach involve and there is a feeling of comfort with such bearing, it is possible to count result achieved. For fastening effect to repeat carrying the medical elastic bearing support (1-2 weeks) every 3-4 month. If there will be questions on correction of a bearing it is better to receive consultation from the expert doctor (the neurologist, the family doctor, the therapeutist, the orthopaedist). At teenagers regular carrying of the posture corrector provides physiologically correct position of a backbone and a thorax down to full correction of infringements of a bearing and disposal of a scoliosis. For more high-grade effect of application, it is necessary to include the posture corrector in a complex of methods of functional treatment, physiotherapy exercises, massage, etc. The posture corrector is not seen under clothes, easily washed. It does not prevent active movements.  
Best before – 5 years.

Contra-indications: individual incompatibility with components of raw material of the products, the expressed local diseases of a skin.

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