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How to choose and care for professional Rhythmic Gymnastics balls?
Balls for Rhythmic Gymnastics can be professional and nonprofessional.
Nonprofessional balls are made of plastic or rubber. The difference between it and the professional ball is the quality of material and appearance.
A professional ball for Rhythmic Gymnastics has to suit the gymnast according to her age and the size of the gymnasts' hand.
It is necessary for the gymnast to be able to handle the ball easily. It should be comfortable to hold the ball and execute the exercise.
Usually balls with a diameter of 13 cm are suitable for gymnasts aged 3-6. A diameter of 15 cm – suitable for gymnasts aged 6-8 years, 17 cm - for gymnasts 8-10 years and 18.5 cm - is a standard professional ball - for gymnast 11 years old and over.
For gymnasts over 15 years old it is required that the ball will be 18.5 cm - according to the standards of the International Gymnastics Federation FIG (signed FIG Approved).
The SASAKI brand balls for Rhythmic Gymnastics are of unsurpassed quality, renowned all over the world for its "tacky" surface. SASAKI balls of all sizes are very comfortable to use.
The SASAKI brand balls for Rhythmic Gymnastics with glitter surface are identical to the standard balls. There surface is sparkly, with different patterns therefore seems more special.
It is recommended to keep professional balls in a case to protect them from scratches and damages inside the gymnasts’ bag, as well as to ensure that the ball will be kept warm. By lowering the air temperature the ball can explode.
The ball can be inflated using a pump.
There are two types of pumps: A pump that is suitable for general use and any sports ball: Basketball, Football, Rhythmic Gymnastics ball. When using this kind of pump, pay attention not to inflate the ball too much. There is also a pump for professional Rhythmic Gymnastics balls. It is easy in use, and any gymnast or coach can inflate the ball without efforts even during training.
Our recommendation: Before piercing the hole with a needle, moist the hole and the needle. So the penetration of the needle to the ball will be gentle and will not hurt the surface. The needle must be inserted into the ball at right angle. By using the professional pump you can also deflate the ball if needed.

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