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How to choose a ribbon for Rhythmic Gymnastics.
There are professional ribbons, designed especially for Rhythmic Gymnastics, and non-professional ribbons that are used mostly for entertainment and fun, for armature gymnasts, dancing shows and other sphere which is not relayed to rhythmic gymnastics.
There are ribbons of 3, 4, 5 or 6 m long. They can be made of rayon, satin and synthetic materials. Professional ribbon for rhythmic gymnastics can be of 4, 5 and 6 m long, made of rayon or polyester.
Usually, for girls 5-8 years old a  4 m ribbon is suitable, for gymnasts 9-15 years old - 5 m ribbon is suitable, and for the gymnasts older than 15 years old the ribbon must meet international standards of FIG (FIG Approved) and be 6 m or longer.
There are no rules about what age a gymnast should start training with 5 m ribbon.
Professional ribbon distinguished by excellent quality and beautiful, bright colors. There are special colorful ribbons which combined of several colors, ribbons with sparkles, fluorescent ribbons.
It is also possible to paint a ribbon according to the gymnast's leotard. You can paint a white ribbon by yourself. To make the different paintings and designs you can purchase special colors or markers for fabric painting. The ribbon that you paint has to be made of silk or rayon only.
The non professional ribbon usually comes together with a stick. A professional ribbon for Rhythmic Gymnastics comes always separately from the stick.
It is preferable to store the ribbon in a special ribbon case designed for ribbon storage. Then the ribbon will not wrinkle and stain and remain in good condition for longer.

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