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Elastic medical neoprene belt for lumbar spine fixation, with reinforcement bands

Elastic medical neoprene belt for lumbar spine fixation, with reinforcement bands
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Application: recommended as a preventive medical aid for external fixation of the lumbar spinal section and measured compression of the muscles.

Structure of raw material: aeroprene – microporous rubber – 68%, nylon – 12%, polyester – 12%, latex – 8%.

Velcro fastener.


The belt is intended for external fixing a lumbar department of a backbone and the dosed out compression of muscles. Possesses thermal and micro massage influence, the model contours well the body. It moderates fixing and compression, improves blood supply, stimulates exchange processes in tissues, skin, hypodermic fatty cellular tissue and muscles. It promotes correct formation of body contours at sports playing and gymnastics. The maximal effect is reached during movements. It can be applied including the older persons, at the moderate loadings.

Medical indications:
At treatment of various diseases: it is applied at lumbosacral radiculitis, lumbargo and ischalgia, hernias vertebral disks, pains, radiculitis, vertebral osteochondrosis. At stagnation of direct stomach muscles, threat of postoperative hernias of a forward belly wall, postnatal weakness of muscles. 
In up to and postoperative the periods: for reduction of rehabilitation terms  after traumas and operations of vertebral department of a backbone.
In the preventive purposes: it is recommended for persons on profession connecting with static and dynamic loading on a backbone and an opportunity of overcooling. For preventive maintenance of complications and neurologic frustration. At restriction of mobility, fast weakness of waist muscles. For weight reduction, reduction of thickness of hypodermic fatty cellular tissue in the field of a waist and a stomach. At work on a cold and with weights

Technique of application:
The belt can be used as in medical, sports establishments, and in-home. It is necessary to select the size on a circle of a waist according to a scale specified on packing.The belt is put on directly on a body or cotton underwear. The product is in addition supplied for convenience by a fastener "vilkro". It is recommended to put on a product in a lying position on a back on equal rigid or semifixed surface: by full breathing out the belt is closly pulled together to dense fitting to a body and fixed by means of a fastener "vilkro". Model TONUS 0309 has four rigid inserts and a fastener "vilkro", that allows to adjust individually a belt on a contour of a body. Model TONUS 0312 is added by the elastic tapes-amplifiers, allowing to dose out a density degree. At carrying the belt causes easy feeling of smartness in the field of a stomach, but does not hold down movements. It is necessary to pay attention to good blood supply of soft tissues. If the subsequent use of a product nevertheless causes discomfort, it is necessary to consult at the attending physician. It is recommended as preventive maintenance to carry a product no more than 2 hours per day and to remove it for the night. Time of carrying of medical belt can be increased, but preliminary having consulted with the attending physician. During long using a belt (more than 2-3 weeks) is desirable a complex of physical exercises for strengthening muscles of a back and a stomach: use of a belt is the integral component of complex treatment of diseases of vertebral backbone department. In a complex with physical exercises is reached the maximal result: the pain decreases, the physiological tone of soft tissues is restored, fatty adjournment in the field of a stomach and waists decrease. It is possible to use of various ointments and creams, but preliminary under the recommendation of the doctor.
Working life of a product is specified on packing.

Contra-indications: individual incompatibility with components of raw material of the product, acute skin diseases, diseases of cardio-vascular, respiratory, genito–urinary system (to apply under supervision of the doctor).

Sanitary-and-hygienic processing:
The belt is processed by manual washing in a soap solution at temperature that +30°C up to +40°C. To not apply cleaning with chemical preparations, the neoprene structure collapses from influence of acids, alkalis, solvents, lubricants. It is forbidden wringing up and drying in a washing machine. It is recommended accurate wringing up without twisting and drying in the straightened kind at temperature from +5°C up to +25°C on distance not less than one meter from heating devices. It is forbidden to dry a product on the sun. It is forbidden ironing.

Storage: In a dry premise, at a room temperature.

Packing: 1 piece.

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