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Elastic medical wrist joint bandage support, with removable metallic plate

Elastic medical wrist joint bandage support, with removable metallic plate
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For firm fixation of ligaments, bones and soft tissue. Possesses a stabilizing, local massaging and warming effect.

Structure of raw material: polyurethane foam – 60%, Velcro hosiery – 25%, cotton – 15%

Two types: for the right and left arms
With a removable stiff insert
Velcro fastener


The wrist splint is intended for use as treatment-and-prophylactic means for rigid fixing and stabilization of wrist joint, for protection and maintenance the copular (bone) apparatus and soft tissues in a rest condition. The bandage exerts micro massage and thermal influence.

Medical indications
At treatment of various diseases: arthritis of wrist joint in the sharp period, simple fractures of forearm bones during formation of a bone callous. Consequences of bones traumas and infringement of wrist function.
In before and after the operational period: for the prompt rehabilitation after traumas and operations with a view of prevention of puffiness and reduction of inflammatory process.
In the preventive purposes: for the prevention of bruises and ligaments damage, for disposal of hand overloading at physical activity, during work on a computer, and also for preventive maintenance of straining and traumas at playing sports and for warming wrist joint.

Technique of application:
The bandage can be used as in medical institutions, and in-home. The product is separately executed for the right and left hand and supplied by a rigid demountable insert. To select the size it is necessary on a circle of a hand according to a scale specified on packing. According to the scheme specified on packing the bandage is put on direct on a body. By means of a fastener velcro it is possible to adjust and dose out fixing of a bandage. Necessarily, at features of the hand structure the rigid insert is taken out or bent under a relief of a hand. At long term of carrying it is necessary to pay attention to color of the tips of fingers. The slightest attributes of frustration of blood circulation are the indication for replacement of a bandage. At pains in finiteness, occurrence of a hypostasis or numbing it is necessary to adjust by means of a fastener velcro a squeezing degree of soft tissues, simultaneously keeping rigidity of fixing. If it is not observed attributes of improvement it is necessary to consult to the attending physician. The product is recommended to be carried within day and to remove for the night. During use of a bandage according to the recommendation of the attending physician it is desirable to carry out exercises for the prompt restoration of impellent functions of a joint.

Best before – 5 years.

Contra-indications: individual incompatibility with components of raw material of the product, expressed contraction of the elbow joint.

Sanitary-and-hygienic processing:
The bandage is processed by manual washing in a soap solution at temperature that +35°C up to +40°C without use of the means containing bleaches. To not apply cleaning with chemical preparations. It is recommended accurate wringing up without twisting and drying in the straightened kind. It is forbidden ironing.

Storage: The product is to be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated place at a temperature of +3°C to +25°C and relative air humidity 60% to 65%.

Packing: 1 piece.

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