Health and beauty Orthopedics Basic Advantages of the Neoprene Products Collection

Reliable restraining and protection of joints and muscles;

Complex impact - the restraining, warming, micromassaging and compressive one;

Availability of the universal size products and special constructions for separate joints - wrist, ankle, elbow and knee joints, as well as for the lumbar spine;

Availability of additional belts with the velcro fastening and removable inserts allows restraining the products reliably to provide additional support and tight fitting;

Usage of modern computer technology for designing and tailoring models;

Usage of modern sewing equipment and advanced technologies;

Compulsory clinical testing at the leading medical institutions of Latvia, Russia and other regions of sales;

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate on meeting the international management and quality system standards.

What advantages does neoprene have?
How can traumas of joints and sprains of muscles be prevented?
How does neoprene help in fighting against cellulite?

Neoprene is a special type of microporous rubber, which is widely applied in modern medical practice. Advantages of neoprene are its lightness, softness, good heat insulating properties and ability of stretching in all directions. Neoprene is one of the most suitable materials for making various orthopaedic products. The main advantage of neoprene products is their effectiveness and safety for health. One of the unique properties of TONUS ELAST neoprene products is their complex impact on the body: restraining, warming, micromassaging and compressive ones. The microporous structure of neoprene products ensures the invigorating effect of sauna: skin is warming up, blood circulation is improving and metabolic processes are activating on the tissular and cellular levels. This accelerates withdrawal of toxins from body, prevents from degenerative changes in tissues and formation of rough scars.
Neoprene products reliably restrain and protect the body parts they are applied to, not restricting natural movements of muscles and joints. Thus, the load is distributed evenly. Application of neoprene products will reliably protect body from overcooling in humid conditions. Besides, the products will not only ensure reliable thermal protection but will also prevent body from various injuries and traumas.
Until recently, cellulite has been considered just as a problem of many women. Howeve r, appearance of cellulite is a signal of metabolic disease. This is an obvious warning that it is time to change the way of life, to start eating correctly and to have more physical activities. Therefore, it is better to start striving for a beautiful body at the first signs of cellulite. One of the ways to beat cellulite is to use the specially developed products - the belt and shorts. Daily wear of neoprene products for just two hours stimulates metabolism, accelerates decomposition of fat cells and excretion of slugs, strengthens muscular system and connective tissues, and improves blood circulation and lymph outflow. You will see and feel the result in just a month - fat deposit on belly and thighs will reduce, skin elasticity and resilience will be restored. However, a complicated impact on the body is required for treating cellulite. Thus, application of anti-cellulite creams facilitates smoothing of skin surface and improving its blood supply, and massage activates impact of the anti-cellulite creams, contributes to lymph outflow and improves blood supply.

TONUS ELAST neoprene products provide protection, comfort, functionality and elegancy. Due to their beautiful appearance, the neoprene products will suit well not only sport exercises, but also trips and travelling, as well as walks. Remember: When wearing neoprene products, the best effect is reached during movements!

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