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How to choose the professional clubs for Rhythmic Gymnastics?
The clubs are divided to professional and nonprofessional clubs. Professional clubs are made by leading companies in Rhythmic Gymnastics. They are more convenient and they have an attractive form and appearance. Clubs can be made of rubber or plastic. The advantage of rubber clubs is in their material which is safer than plastic.
It is important to choose the right size of clubs. Clubs of 36 cm are usually suitable for gymnasts 6-8 years old, 40-41 cm - for gymnasts 9-11 years old and 44-45 cm - for gymnasts of 11 years old and over.
For gymnasts over 15 years old it is required that the size of the clubs will be 45 cm - according to the standards of the International Gymnastics Federation FIG (signed FIG Approved.)
Clubs can be wrapped by adhesive tapes of different colors. So it is possible to change the color of the clubs if needed or wanted.
It is recommended to keep professional clubs for Rhythmic Gymnastics in a case to protect them from scratches.

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