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How to choose a professional Ribbon stick for Rhythmic Gymnastics?
There are professional sticks of 3 sizes: 50 cm, 57 cm and 60 cm.
50 cm stick is suitable for gymnasts 5-8 years old, 57 cm stick is suitable for gymnasts 9-12 years old and 60 cm stick is suitable for gymnasts 11 years old and over.
There are no special rules regarding the RG apparatus norms for the gymnasts under the age of 15 years old, so every gymnast can choose the size of stick which is more comfortable for her.
For gymnasts over 15 years old it is required that the size of the stick will be 60 cm - according to the standards of the International Gymnastics Federation FIG (signed FIG Approved.)
Professional sticks are very flexible, the width and weight are calculated in such a way that the stick will "fly very well" retaining its trajectory when thrown in the air.
It is better to buy a stick with a rubber handle because it is more convenient to hold in your hand.
There are special rubber protectors that can be placed at the end of the stick in order to avoid possible injury while working with ribbon.
There is a possibility to purchase a cover for the stick or the end for the stick cover separately, if lost.

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