Health and beauty Orthopedics Bandages and dressings

Basic Advantages of the Collection

Bandages and dressings are economical and simple in usage;

Bandages of different types are released on the basis of the traumatologic, phlebologic and orthopaedic practice: ribbon, tubular and cheesecloth ones;

Large assortment allows covering different fields of medical application: from restraining dressing devices and up to prophylaxis, recovery and treatment of diseases of veins, joints and muscles;

Natural raw materials are used in production - wool, cotton and latex, ensuring maximum comfort when worn;

Compulsory clinical testing at the leading medical institutions of Latvia, Russia and other regions of sales;

Application of the bandages is recommended by the Association of Phlebologists of Russia;

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate on meeting the international management and quality system standards.

Specifics and advantages of the bandages and dressings have been noted in a reference of Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Textile, Doctor of Engineering, RIA Full Member, Laureate of State Prizes, Honoured Inventor of Russia Mr. V. N. Filatov:

TONUS ELAST has been the leader in sale of elastic compressive bandages and dressings for many years. These products are intended for prophylaxis and treatment of varicose veins at different stages, for supporting joints in the quiescent state after traumas and operations. The TONUS ELAST production is distinguished with high technologies. Application of elastomeric materials allows receiving products with the preset elastic properties, which is a sufficiently complicated technical task. Following development of new technologies, the enterprise experts, in tight cooperation with doctors, develop new models every year. Due to applying combinations of different raw materials in the cloth, selection of the buttonhole structure and optimisation of its parameters, selection of the right technology of production and rational design, products of TONUS ELAST enjoy high demand with the consumers.

How can one quickly return back to normal life after traumas?

How can pain and oedemas be removed? TONUS ELAST bandages are intended for prophylaxis and treatment of chronic diseases of veins (compression therapy), for preventing traumas of joints, ligaments and muscles at physical loads (static and dynamic), for posttraumatic recovery, as well as for fast provision of first medical aid (restraining of injured parts of the body).

-Low elasticity bandages (minimum 30% elasticity) are applied for treatment of complicated forms of chronic venous insufficiency and thrombosis of deep veins. They ensure fast application of dressings when rendering first medical aid and provide convenient and reliable restraining of dressing devices at injured parts of the body.
-Medium elasticity bandages (minimum 100% elasticity) are applied for treatment of varicose disease, diseases with trophic complications and postphlebitis syndromes. They are recommended for supporting soft tissues after removal of plaster and providing compression sclerotherapy.
-High elasticity bandages (minimum 150% elasticity) are applied for treatment of varicose veins of the 1st and 2nd degrees and lipodermic diseases, for supporting joints in a dormant state after traumas and operations. They are recommended for bandaging bed-patients.

What is varicose?

Specialists define it as dilation of superficial veins accompanied by blood flow disorder. Swollen feet and ankle-joints, feeling of heaviness in gastrocnemius muscles, spasms, specific venous pain, itching in the calf area - all these are initial symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. A big role in varicose development is played by hereditary predisposition, lengthy static loads, excess body weight and some medicines. Women are affected by vein diseases twice as much as men, as inherently their veins are thinner and conjunctive tissues are weaker. Pregnancy might become an additional aggrava

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